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There's no saying where life can take you.  Some women settle down to raise families, and find themselves running marathons decades later.  Others focus on professional goals, quickly climbing and running laps to relieve their corporate stresses.  Whatever course your life takes, you can bet it's going to be an amazing race.  And you'd better have the right shoes to get you over the finish line.

For Women Only

Women's bodies are different than men's bodies.  That comes as no surprise.  But what's shocking is that so many women continue to wear running shoes designed for men.  While once this was the only option offered to women, today there are countless choices of running shoes made with the specific needs of women athletes in mind.  Adidas, Callaway, Nike, New Balance, Reebok and Saucony are just a few of the manufacturers that offer a wide range of women's running shoes with mind-blowing features.

Safety First

All of the brand names noted above have created women's running shoes that offer the ultimate safety to the athlete.  Additional features, such as 'full volume air sole', provide unparalleled comfort due to the high quality of the cushioning.  One pivotal feature that has revolutionized modern comfort technology is the open-heel design now seen in so many women's running shoe styles.  This open heel design ensures a breath of cool, fresh air with every grueling stride.  Since the top brands initially pioneered the concept of airflow into the shoes, this feature has become standard in women's running shoe design.  Another big bonus of the design is the reduction of weight in the shoe.

The World's Best Shoe Brands

Are the world's best shoes always created in the United States?  Mexico?  Europe?  Of course not.  International brands offer supreme quality and durability, and offer a world of options.   Take a few minutes to browse the Internet and you'll see exactly what you might be missing.  As for those brands that have acquired worldwide recognition, there are a few names that you've heard, and some that you probably won't recognize.  Adidas, Asics, Montreal, New Balance, Nike and Reebok top the list of international notoriety, with names like Brooks, Saucony, Mizuno and Vasque coming up fast.  While shopping online you'll find that many websites, like roadrunnerstore.com, offer top-selling women's running shoes at competitive prices.

These are the brands that lead the footsteps of today's women runners.  Each of these companies has a wide range of selection of running shoes that were created specifically for women. The best in the list are Nike Shox FSM, Adidas 1 Intelligence Level 1.1, Adidas Supernova Classic, Brooks Addiction 5, Asics Gel Kayano X, Asics Gel Magic Racer and Saucony's "Grid Trigon 4".  All of these leading brands offer exceptional comfort, safety, durability and performance for women athletes.

When choosing women's running shoes, your first priorities should always be safety and comfort.  Top quality women's running shoes are designed and manufactured to provide athletes with the strong grip that is required to lower the risk of accidents, thereby ensuring safety.  Only after you've met those needs can you begin to look for other criteria such as durability, style, and price.

Your life is race after amazing race, with surprises at every turn and wonderful rewards at every finish line.  Invest in great quality running shoes that will allow you to enjoy the journey, every step of the way.
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