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When shopping for Danner hiking boots you should avoid boot brands that are made specifically for hunting. These types of boots usually have high-tops which put too much stress on the Achilles tendon. Many people report experiencing several foot issues and ankle issues with this style of boot.

You should also stay away from boots from a department store. For one thing, most department stores don't sell Danner hiking boots but instead offer something of a lower quality that may appear to be a rugged and reliable boot but is likely not. Instead, opt for the specialty stores.

Features to Look For

There are certain features that you need to hunt for when shopping for Danner hiking boots or any other boots. The boots you select should fit well, which means that there shouldn't be any slip in the heel area and that the boot should provide your toes with plenty of room in the front. For this reason Danner hiking boots are usually sized a little longer than your normal shoe, so you don't have to worry about getting a size or half a size bigger as they have already taken care of that for you.

Before you head over to your outdoor supply store to purchase a pair of hiking boots you should put on the socks that you plan on wearing on you hiking trip so you can get the true fit of Danner hiking boots. If you are a novice hiker it is recommended that you wear two pairs of socks, one thinner and one thicker. Don't wear cotton; wear wool or synthetic materials because those socks will help keep your feet dryer when sweating and wet feet can cause blistering.

As You Shop

Don't let the look of the boot or the salesclerk's recommendation steer you in the wrong direction; even when choosing Danner hiking boots you are the only one who can determine the best fit possible. Here are some tips to help you out:

Sensory test: Take off your socks and place your bare foot into the boot, close your eyes and focus on your foot and see if you can feel anything that is poking into your foot or anything else that is uncomfortable. After you do the test bare footed do the same thing with your sock on.

Walk around: Try the boots on and walk around to ensure the boot feels right. Does the boot crease or fold across the upper part of your foot? Does the boot feel too tight or too loose?

The finger test: You should put on the boot and with the boot fully unlaced, push your foot as far forward as possible and check if you can place your finger behind your heal. Doing so will determine if you have the proper amount of room in the toe area for walking downhill.

These are just a few examples on how to select the right Danner hiking boots for you.
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