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Aprons are most commonly employed for kitchen purposes. A kitchen apron is used apron to protect clothing from any mess and stains, particularly in the kitchen, by many men and women work at home in a domestic capacity. Some even employ the garment as a convenient place to carry kitchen tools or supplies, keeping the hands free.

Kitchen aprons are among the most adaptable products currently available on the market. The have been offered by many stores, both online and offline for those who love to cook. There are even television advertisements and magazines spreads that feature someone wearing a kitchen apron. This demonstrates how universal this style of garment is among uniforms.

A surprising level of variety is offered in kitchen apron designs. Some kitchen aprons on the market these days feature a single large pocket in front, while others offer two or three pockets or more. Furthermore, it is somewhat interesting to note that popular convention for the pockets of kitchen aprons is to make them deep. However, there are some that are designed shallow, and designs can be slanted or straight, lined or unlined. Pocket design may also feature individual pockets positioned in full view directly across the front or pockets that are doubled up in order for two exterior pockets to hide two others immediately behind or inside them.

The design of most kitchen aprons is aimed at promoting easy access in most instances. Apron designs may include pockets with security in mind, so that the contents, such as money, may not be removed easily. The pockets of some kitchen aprons are perfectly designed for holding common kitchen tools. Still other kitchen aprons pockets are designed to be better suited for smaller items. And of course most of the kitchen aprons made these days are designed with concern for appearance.

The overall style and design of the kitchen apron varies in many regards, much like other types of aprons, including length and the manner in which they are secured. There are a number of modern kitchen aprons intended for covering only the upper part of the body. There are also bib aprons, waist aprons, and doubled-sided aprons that cover both the front and back. There are also a variety of options in the materials used for the kitchen apron. Even with polyester, linen, and other fabrics in common use, cotton continues to be especially popular.
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