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Sirius satellite radio has become one of the biggest names in today's burgeoning satellite radio boom, and it's not hard to see why. Offering 65 channels every manner of commercial-free music, all the listener need do is to pick a favorite and never touch the dial again, if desired. It doesn't matter whether the preferred genre is rock, rap, classics, county, Sirius offers the latest music as well as the classics that never go out of style. Sirius also offers 50 channels for different types of talk radio, such as news, sports, and traffic.

The big selling point is that all of Sirius' programming#both music and talk#is commercial free. Gone are the days of channel surfing to escape the never-ending aggressive broadcast radio advertising. Gone are the radio personalities becoming shills for this one product or another. All you get is crisp digital sound and your favorite content.

There are also a great many different hardware options offered by Sirius satellite radio. There are satellite tuners available for the home, office, car, or even versions specially designed to be carried a person, all in a variety of styles and prices. The most convenient and portable options, such as Plug & Play, are portable tuners that can be plugged into home and car kits. This allows one receiver to work for all applications.

Sirius satellite radio also offers the best in home receivers. These hook up directly to an existing home entertainment system. And they aren't just electronically compatible: they have the style and lines to look great next to home theater components, as well. The best models come with internal memory that allows them to keep track of the song and artist of the music being listened to, several preset banks with text input, and optical digital audio output.

For the vehicle, Sirius offers head units that can be matched up with a satellite tuner and antenna. Another option is to get an FM Modulated system in order to receive satellite broadcasts. The FM Modulator works with an existing car stereo system, eliminating the need to purchase getting a whole new radio. All that's needed is an antenna to pick up the satellite radio signals. Whichever method is used it is important make sure to buy a tuner with the same brand name as the head unit or FM Modulator system to make sure the system will be compatible with the satellite radio service.

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